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Easter - SOLD OUT









Easter 2014 promises to be the best ever for simple and successful fundraising.

Mix'n'Match these fine Cadbury Easter products as you wish.


  • Cadbury® Crème Egg, 39gm

  • Cadbury® Marshmallow Egg, 40gm

  • Cadbury® Caramello Egg, 39gm

  • Cadbury® Mini Eggs, 45gm

  •  Cadbury® Marvellous Creations Popping Candies Egg, 35gm

  • Cadbury® Caramel Bunny, 2 pack, 40gm
Sell  $1.50
33% Profit  $0.50

Quantities vary per carton. Contact our helpful sales team to calculate your requirements.

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