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We keep the whole fundraising process really simple.

Here are the key parts of how it works...

  • We discuss your fundraising goals
  • We recommend the best way to achieve them by helping with fundraising ideas
  • You choose the fundraising products to sell
  • We provide tips and specialist support to ensure your fundraising drive is easy and successful


Told you it was simple, eh?

To get started, just pick up the phone or send us an email.

We're here to help.

Our purchasing terms...

The minimum order is 12 fundraising packs.  A small delivery charge will apply.

The minimum order for free delivery is 24 fundraising packs (does not include rural addresses).

A 30 day credit period is available to qualifying organisations.

Sale or Return Policy - unopened shippers in original condition can be returned to The House of Fundraising within 30 days for a full credit.  Returned products will incur an adjustment to free fundraising packs where applicable.

At the time of delivery, please carefully check the quantity and condition of product to ensure your order is correct.  If any shippers are damaged please point this out to the driver and sign "subject to inspection" on the driver's delivery docket.

More information?

Phone: 0800 806 542

Email: [email protected]




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