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2017 heralded the release of the ultimate mixed fundraising pack.  

From the all-time favourite Creamy Milk, to new (and to die for...) Berry & Biscuit, to decadent White Chocolate, to my personal favourite Fruit & Nut, to the connoisseur's 50% Dark Chocolate - there is one or many to tempt your supporters.  Why buy one, when you can buy five!

Each fundraising packs contains 12 bars of Creamy Milk and 6 bars each of Berry & Biscuit, White, Fruit & Nut and 50% Dark.

Come and get them New Zealand!

Unit Bar Fundraising Pack Shipper
 $1.20  $43.20 $259.20
Sell  $2.00  $72.00 $432.00
40% Profit  $0.80  $28.80 $172.80

Each Fundraising Pack contains 36 Bars.
Shipper Unit contains 6 Fundraising Packs.
Minimum purchase 12 Fundraising Packs.

Freight cost on 12 and 18 packs:

Auckland $5.75, North Island $11.50, South Island $17.25

Free freight on 24 or more Fundraising Packs.

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If you'd like to place an order, or just need more information, simply call us on 0800 806 542 or contact us here.

Congratulations to our partners at Whittaker's - now 7 years in a row being voted New Zealand's Most Trusted Brand! Isn't that just delicious?!


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