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Tips For a Successful Whittaker's Chocolate Fundraiser

From schools to sports clubs, whatever organisation you're fundraising for, we can provide the specialist knowledge to make your fundraiser drive work.

Here are some general fundraising tips to help you out as well.

  • Plan

Let members and supporters know what you're fundraising for in advance, like sports equipment, computers, school camps etc and how much you're looking to raise.

Ask them to assist by selling and collecting funds and give them advice on how and who they can sell chocolate to - sports fields/clubs, mum and dad's work, family, church, door knocking etc.

Remember, if children are selling door-to-door, they should always be accompanied by an adult. 

It is best if they wear their uniform and speak in a clear and loud voice "Can you please help me by buying a bar of Whittaker's chocolate to support my school/club?" 

Always have change available - this makes it easier for the purchaser.

Remind children that they are fundraising for their school or club - NOT just selling chocolate.

It's highly recommended that you always enlist the support of adults.

  • Our Products

Whittaker's SLABS 5-flavour Mixed Pack is the perfect snack-sized treat that people already trust and love - which makes selling that much easier*.

*In a recent poll on The AM Show (TV3 7 July 2020), 83% of respondents prefered Whittaker's chocolate to all other brands.

  • Keep Accurate Records

To help run your fundraising drive, you can download a new and improved tally sheet right here: 


This can help you see who are the keen sellers and re-issue any unsold product to them.

  • Reward and Remind

Throughout your fundraising drive please remind and encourage everyone to keep selling, reach targets and return money or fundraising packs on time.

Publicly thank those doing well and recognise high achievers by giving away prizes or certificates at assembly.

  • Call a Consultant

For more detailed tips and information on making your Whittaker's chocolate fundraiser a success, call one of our experienced House of Fundraising consultants on 0800 806 542.

We're here to help!



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