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When you are after products with distinction and personality for your fundraiser, sweets certainly fits the bill!

We have selected the best of the best which will ensure your fundraising is an easy sell and, more importantly, the most profitable it can be.

A $2 selling price keeps things simple!

Delicious sweets for fundraising - what a great idea!

  • The best quality, market-leading products, top profits.
  • Pre-mixed cartons (each pre-mixed carton contains 6 flavours - 5 bags of each).
  • Fun colourful packaging and generous bag weights.
  • 30 bags per carton.
  • Minimum purchase 12 cartons.

Pascall_Chocolate-Pineapple-Pieces.jpg pascall_fruit_bursts_2kga.jpg pascall_wine_gums_2kg.jpg
pascall_jet_planes_2kg.jpg pascall_milk_bottles_2kg.jpg pascall_ojays_2kg_a.jpg
Unit Bag Carton
 $1.30  $39.00
Sell  $2.00  $60.00
35% Profit  $0.70  $21.00

Carton contains 30 Bags.
Flavours subject to change and availability.

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